Ripple Framework

Ripple Framework

Ripple framework contains the tools for building SDP sites using the Ripple design system components.

Ripple Framework

What is it?

The Ripple design system consists of the design elements and components used to build any web application using the Victorian government brand. Ripple framework is a collection of Nuxt 3 modules and layers primarily used to create headless SDP websites using the Tide Drupal CMS.

ripple is made up of Figma design, CSS styles, Vue JS components and Nuxt JS Sites

Who's it for?

Whilst the Ripple UI components can be used in non SDP projects, Ripple framework assumes a Tide Drupal backend in most cases.

Using the Ripple framework, developers are able to build headless frontend websites that derive content from the Tide Drupal CMS via it's JSON API.

SDP architecture

SDP Architecture

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