Ripple Design System

Who's it for?

Built by government, for government.

Who can use Ripple?

Ripple is available to all departments and agencies that use Victorian Government branding.

  • Designers can easily and quickly create wireframes, high-fidelity designs and prototypes.
  • Developers can access technical specifications to create pixel-perfect code.
  • Content creators can design page concepts, knowing their layouts will accurately reflect the finished product.
  • Product owners and stakeholders can review designs and provide feedback.

What should I use Ripple for?

Ripple is designed to make websites that give Victorian citizens official information about their government. It is mainly used by Victorian Government departments and agencies to build websites using the Single Digital Presence (SDP) platform.

Ripple makes it easy to share government information with all Victorians in a clear, concise and accessible way.

Since it is only used to build government websites, Ripple has been designed to support Brand Victoria digital products. This opinionated design means Ripple automatically guides you to create a digital experience for citizens that is in line with Brand Victoria’s look, feel and vision.

It also means Ripple is not a general purpose design system for use outside of Brand Victoria.

Ripple is for Victorian Government branded products only. Only use it to create communications that are approved to use the Victorian Government brand.

How do I use Ripple?

Ripple is a modular design system. This means Ripple lets you easily change and expand your website’s layout and content.

It also means you can use different parts of the Ripple Design System, like components or styles, separately. Departments that don’t use the SDP platform can still use Ripple in their own digital products. You can do this by:

  • building your own components
  • referencing the Ripple styles
  • importing the Ripple components.

Visit the Usage page for instructions.

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