Ripple Design System

What is Ripple?

Ripple is the digital design system of the Victorian government

Ripple is a system of reusable styles, components, patterns and tools for building brand Victoria digital products.

Developed by the Single Digital Presence (SDP) team in the Department of Government Services, Ripple:

  • makes it easier for citizens to find, understand and use government information
  • makes creating Brand Victoria approved content, assets and sites easy
  • increases delivery speed for digital products and services.

Over 50 government websites use Ripple, including our main platform. These sites attract millions of views per month.

Screenshots of websites using SDP,,,,

Why use Ripple?

Ripple solves the hard problems so you don’t have to

We spent the past 5 years refining Ripple based on user feedback to ensure it:

  • meets the publishing needs of government users
  • makes it easier for citizens to interact with government services.

Ripple users can be confident their site’s design and development is based on industry standards and best practices for:

  • accessibility
  • SEO
  • security
  • performance.

Users can easily navigate sites regardless of technical ability, location or device.

Designers and developers can create consistent digital experiences across Victorian Government sites.

Ripple gives you efficient and reusable digital resources

Ripple promotes efficiency and reuse by providing reusable styles, components and patterns.

It provides a set of standards to manage design at scale, to:

  • reduce redundancy
  • create a shared language
  • provide visual consistency.

Developer contributions can be shared across projects, adding value to all government departments. This results in reduced project development time and expense.

Ripple is by government, for government

The Ripple Design System has been made open-source to foster collaboration across government. By making the system open-source, departments and agencies can help improve the citizen experience across government. Ripple has been developed by government, for government and retains all intellectual property and expertise.

Who can use Ripple?

Ripple is open to all departments or agencies that use Victorian Government branding. Visit the Who's it for? page for more information.

Ripple is a modular system, allowing it to be used separately from our other SDP products, Tide and Bay. Visit the Usage page for more information.

How do I find out more?

If you are a Victorian Government department or agency wanting to use Ripple in a Brand Victoria digital product (or a vendor supporting them), please visit or contact

To find out more about the Single Digital Presence program, please visit

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